Sin Salsa No Hay Paraíso

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El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, commonly known as El Gran Combo, has always been undoubtedly an institution world wide when it comes to the genre of tropical music. They have set the standard to be followed by all other tropical artists. They are Puerto Rico’s most successful musical group and one of Salsa’s most famous groups around the world. Since many of the genre’s legendary singers have been members of the orchestra, the band has been given the moniker La Universidad de la Salsa (The University of Salsa). El Gran Combo was founded in May 1962, by Rafael Ithier and Ithier is still the orchestra’s musical director. This new recording (their 63rd) includes 10 brand new studio recorded songs that are sure to move you. All these years later, El Gran Combo still rules the tropical radio airwaves, and continues to put on spellbinding shows of the highest caliber. The passion and elegance that they deliver is their classic and flawless musical styling that have won the hearts of people around the world. They still perform every week to sell out concerts today after 47 years together! For any collector or great fan of salsa, tropical music, and El Gran Combo this recording is a must.

MEMBERS Rafael Ithier – leader, director (1962-present) Willie Sotelo – piano (2006-present) Eddie Pérez – saxophone (1962-present) Freddie Miranda – saxophone (1980-present) Luis “Taty” Maldonado – trumpet (1970-present) Victor “Cano” E. Rodriguez – trumpet (1980-present) Moisés Nogueras – trombone (1991-present) Freddy Rivera – bass guitar (1989-present) Domingo “Cuqui” Santos – timbales (1988-present) Miguel “Pollo” Torres – conga (1979-present) Richie Bastar – bongo (2001-present) Charlie Aponte – lead vacal (1973-present) Jerry Rivas – lead vocal (1977-present) Luis “Papo” Rosario – lead vocal (1980-present)