Barrio Fino En Directo

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Daddy Yankee has rightfully earned the recognition as the most respected and influential reggaet¢n artist. All of his albums, El Cartel de Yankee, El Cartel de Yankee II, El Cangri.com and Los Home-runes, have received international platinum status. In 2005 Daddy Yankee, The king of Improvisation, released Barrio Fino the album that catapulted him to super star status. Includes a bonus DVD and five new studio tracks and guest appearances by Snoop Dogg and Paul Wall. Intersacope. 2005.


Give Daddy Yankee some credit for making Barrio Fino En Directo more than just a slapdash cash-in on his widepsread appeal. Fans will surely be appeased by this lush collection as they await the reggaeton superstar’s proper follow-up to 2004’s double-platinum Barrio Fino disc. The En Directo CD/DVD package isn’t really a formal live disc, and it isn’t a standard hits collection. Rather, it’s a clever hybrid of past chart-toppers, in-concert moments, solid new tunes and slick documentary footage. The CD features energetic versions of “Corazones,” “Lo Que Paso, Paso” and the ubiquitous “Gasolina” recorded at different stops throughout Daddy Yankee’s monstrous live tour. There are also five new tracks, including the fist-pumping “Rompe” and collaborations with Snoop Dogg (the tongue-tripping “Gangsta Zone”) and Houston-based rapper Paul Wall (slinky standout track “Machete Reloaded”). The new tracks further highlight Daddy Yankee’s effortless medling of urban Latino rhythms and U.S. hip-hop beats. The accompanying DVD is stuffed with interesting moments, including a few live performances, a video for the socially conscious “Corazones,” and a Q&A session featuring Daddy Yankee’s takes on fame, family, retirement and rival Don Omar. There’s also a trailer for the Spanish-language film “Talento de Barrio,” which aspires to be DY’s own version of Eminem’s acclaimed “8 Mile” sprinkled with some of John Singleton’s “Boys N the Hood.” Given Daddy Yankee’s track record thus far, expect to see it burning up the big screen very soon. –Joey Guerra