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Genre: Latin Urban
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 23-APR-2002


For his sophomore work, Enrique Iglesias demonstrated a willingness to go beyond the predictable soft rock/pop balladry that marked his first album. Smart, considering that having good looks and a famous father can only carry one so far. On Vivir, Iglesias throws down the rock-guitar edge of “Volveré,” on remembering a good love, and the rhythmic pop of “Revolución,” a brooding tune about defiance. Then there’s the reggae-flavored “Lluvia Cae.” On the ballad side, Iglesias injects emotional depth on “Miente,” a passionate stance on refusing to accept the end. All these tunes are alternatively propelled by guitars, piano, and/or percussion. The rest of the CD is pretty much passionless puffery. Still, Iglesias is a young, developing artist, and it is good to see a willingness to try new things, especially in a pop field where supply exceeds demand. –Ramiro Burr