The Last Don


Product description


Former preacher turned reggaeton superstar Don Omar unleashes an impressive blend of cockiness and charisma on The Last Don. The Puerto Rican native produced tracks for other artists before jumping into the ring himself, and he showcases a true knowledge for his genre of choice. Despite an overblown, nearly three-minute intro of personal shout-outs and thank-you’s, Don Omar gets down to business fairly quickly. The beat-heavy world of reggaeton often gets repetitive, but Don Omar mixes things up with diverse vocal styles and infectious beats. Simmering grooves start, stop, slow down and are turned upside down throughout the disc. Don Omar remains an intriguing presence throughout, tearing through uptempo, tropical-flavored jams (“Dale Don Mas Duro,” “Caserios #2,” “Provocandome”) and slowing things down during contemplative tracks “Aunque Te Fuiste” and “Quien La Vio Llorar.” It’s a refreshing take on a sometimes-stifling musical style. –Joey Guerra