Reina de Todas Las Fiestas

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Villa Alemana, Chile. Chico Trujillo is one of the most important orchestras in Chile. They are the soundtrack of all parties, from Arica to Punta Arenas. It’s blend of classic cumbia, bolero, Latin American music, Balkan and reggae, has assured them an audience of all ages and lifestyles.The group began as an offshoot of the punk / ska band in 1999 LaFloripondio in Valparaiso. Twelve years and five albums later, they have come to symbolize a unique cocktail that has it’s roots in the pre-cumbia Pinochet days and has managed to incorporate all aspects of Chilean popular culture. They have blended the past with pieces global influence of alternative culture and merged all under the banner of Pan American cumbia. The exuberance of the band represents a welcome return to the world of dance party and night pleasures.