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Rakim & Ken-Y’s Masterpiece fails to live up to its boastful title. Even in the frequently grandstanding world of reggaeton, that moniker may strike some as a bold, misguided move. The young duo’s previous experience amounts to some live gigs and guest spots on tracks from genre star Nicky Jam. Masterpiece, then, is a relatively uninspired collection of club tracks and drippy ballads, peppered with surprisingly few guest spots. Maybe a few more power players would have helped, but even salsa star India comes off like a generic backup singer during “Tocarte Toa.” Much of the problem lies with Ken-Y, whose weak vocals and wimpy delivery play up the genre’s repetitiveness and often-insipid lyrics. Rakim’s punchy rap flow–and Ken-Y’s absence–is a welcome relief during the fierce “Nos Fuimos.” Bonus track “Way Way,” featuring Carlitos Way, approaches some of reggaeton’s rugged essence. But for the most part, this Masterpiece several strokes short of any real color. –Joey Guerra