Drama Y Luz

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After two decades of breaking all types of sales and concert records, the super group from Guadalajara, Mexico prepares itself to present their first studio album in almost five years, Drama Y Luz. Without a doubt, this is the most anticipated album to hit the Latin marketplace in years. Twelve new recordings are available on this production and all songs were written by the band members themselves.

First radio single “Lluvia Al Corazon” goes to all radio formats on March 7th. On this production, Mana has made sure they satisfy their diverse group of fans while not making much of a change on their formula and style of writing that has kept them the top Latin act overthe past couple of decades. They deliver the raunchy, rock sound of their earlier days in songs like “Mi Reina De Dolor” and at the same time, deliver beautiful, heartfelt ballads such as “Vuela Libre Paloma” and “Amor Clandestino.” Drama Y Luz will become another amazing collection for all Latin music fans as it delivers a prodcution that took more than a year to create in recording studios throughout the world and the end result, is Mana at its best.