Depusheng Professional 12 Channel Bluetooth DJ Mixing Console Karaoke Amplifier Digital KTV Sound Mixer with USB for Computer Recording, Bands

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1. Multi Function Knobs: Each channel has GAIN, 3-band EQ, AUX, EFFECT, PAN control knobs.

2. Straight Slide Fader: The fader can control the volume of each input signal, also can adjust the output size of the DSP effect.

3. Balance Input & Line Input: ①Balance input: Electronically Balanced inputs acceptable a standard XLR male connector. ②Line input: This use for connection Deck, Turntable, Keyboard etc.

4. LED Digital Display, Digital Effects: LED digital display has a variety of models. Electronic digital musical instrument control different space performance.

5. MP3 Control Area, U Disk Input: With USB interface, you can play the songs in the U disk.

Technical Parameters:

▲Output Level: 19dBm

▲Noise: -105dB 

▲Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB 

▲Headset Output Power: 100mw 

▲Balanced Low Frequency: 80Hz ~ 15dB 

Intermediate Frequency: 2.5KHz ~ 15dB

High Frequency: 12KHz ~ 15dB

▲Gain Control: mono -60dB ~ -40dB 

▲Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz 

▲Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise: 0.003%

Product Detail:

1. MP3 & USB Status Display: MP3 display and control, can connect computer.

2. The Mixer Fader: Made of plastic, convenient to use and durable.

3. Output Level Display: Display the main output size of the left and right channel machine.

4. Adjust the Frequency of Tone: This has a function which controls the 3 level frequency tone of each channel.

Package Included:

1 x Mixing Console

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual (English)

12 channels mixing console with XLR, LINE inputs and 48V phantom power.
Each channel has GAIN, 3-band EQ, AUX, EFFECT, PAN control knobs and volume control faders.
AUX send & return jacks for connecting all kinds of effects from outside.
With USB input interface and LCD display as well as control buttons.
EFFECT level and output MAIN Faders, REPEAT, EFF SEND, DELAY, SEND, RETURN knobs on the master section.