El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, considered by many to be the Greatest Salsa Band of all time and the iconic #1 Salsa Group from Puerto Rico. Rafael Ithier, the founder has lead the group for over 50 years and they are undisputedly the most successful group of all time in their genre. It never seems to get old and the group, in their 54th year, continues to tour the world and sellout venues everywhere they go, from their homeland in Puerto Rico to Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA. They are loved and beloved by music fans throughout the world, a group that has no bounderies.

It has been six years since the group released their last new studio album and much to the happiness of millions of Gran Combo fans, the long wait is over. Their new album, “Alunizando” “Moon Landing”- a name that came about in conversations when they realized that the only place they have not performed and sold out in their Hall of Fame career is the moon. This new 9 track masterpiece has had 4 hit singles already on radio rotation and remains un-available to purchase on any platform. The singles “Tiene Que haber de to”, “Soy tu amigo”, “Sacame el Zapato” and now “Mi Isla” are Gran Combo at their very best. Mi Isla is fast becoming an anthem in Puerto Rico as the Island is dealing with many social, economic and political issues.

This highly anticipated album is sure to bring back the excitment to Salsa and Tropical fans worldwide and fill a voic in a genre where they remain the un-disputed leaders and remain the Pride of Puerto Rico.